Ways to Maintain Your Car’s Paint Job

The exterior of the car is often the part that most of us love about our vehicles. This is why it’s so incredibly frustrating when we wind up with a scratch, dent, or section of faded paint. If you’re worried about the exterior of your car looking less than ideal in the years to come, you’re definitely going to want to check out today’s blog post. The team at Centerline Spraybooths in Amityville will be going over a few of the different things that you can do to maintain your car’s exterior. Let’s dive right in.

Gentle Car Washes

If you’re concerned about the exterior of your car, then you absolutely need to know that quick car washes, while effective, can be extremely damaging to the exterior of our vehicles. When you’re not entirely sure of the products that they’re using or the cleanliness of the car wash as a whole, you can only imagine what your car is coming into contact with. 

Washing your car is still going to need to happen, but we suggest doing it yourself when you can. Using gentle products, a microfiber towel, and clean water is the best way to keep your car looking its very best!

Wax Your Car

When it comes to protecting the exterior of your car, wax is going to be your very best friend. Wax should be applied after the car has been washed and fully dried. Apply the wax on the car making sure to apply it to the areas where it comes in contact with quite a bit of dirt. This is usually around the wheel terminals as well as the front and rear bumper. The little bit of extra time that it takes to apply wax to a vehicle is worth all of the damage that it prevents by being a barrier to the paint.

Spot Treat

As you go about cleaning the exterior of your car, it never hurts to spend some time spot treating parts of your car that need a little bit of extra attention. This could be in terms of areas that have hard to clean gunk on them or even just issues that acquire new dirt after you’ve taken the time to clean the car. By spot treating your car, you can avoid dirt and debris leaving any discoloration or causing harm to your car in the long-run.

Invest in a Quality Paint Job

Whether you’ve just recently had a paint job done or you’re looking to enhance the exterior of your car, you want to invest in a quality paint job. This means finding a shop that offers years of expertise, a quality brand of paint, an automotive spray booth to complete refinishing, and a team that is dedicated to delivering quality results. Only then will you have a car whose exterior you truly love! 

While the team at Centerline Spraybooths can’t directly help with making the exterior of your car beautiful, we can contribute by providing the shops around Amityville and the surrounding area with the spray booths needed to get the job done. 

If you’re a refinishing shop owner, contact us today for a quote on our spray booths!