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We have been selling and installing spray booths in the Northeast for over 30 years. Schedule a consultation below to learn more about our line of down-draft spray booths.

Quality Application

At Centerline Spraybooths, we understand the importance of a quality auto paint application, which is why we distribute only the best automotive spray booths in the industry throughout the Northeast. For over 30 years, Centerline Spraybooths has relied on USI ITALIA and Zhongda spray booths for their performance, as well as the custom options and dependability each spray booth offers. In addition to supplying world class automotive spray booths, we recognize the need to accommodate large vehicles like trucks and limousines, and Centerline Spraybooths is proud to be a source for specialty automotive spray booths.

Our Manufacturers

About Us

Whether you own an auto body shop or you restore classic cars, an automotive spray booth is required in order to complete the job — but just any auto spray booth isn’t going to give you the results you’re aiming for. At Centerline, we not only supply the best auto paint booths for sale, but we also make sure you have the best spray booth for your auto body shop’s needs. Our team of industry experts work with you to establish your needs based on the shop’s layout and your budget. As the leading automotive spray booth company in the Northeast, we are proud to offer our spray booth services.  Find out more about Centerline Spraybooths by clicking below. 

The Benefits Of A Professional Paint Booth

We realize that a spray booth is the longest term equipment investment you will make in your body shop and therefore it needs to be done right. You will live with the decision you make which spray booth and which spray booth provider for decades. 

Centerline believes that every collision shop should have a heated downdraft spray booth to produce quality work to todays standards and to keep up with production needs. 

Our spray booths all feature turbine fans and 3 row wide air openings. This means we are able to supply large volumes of heated air throughout the life of your filters and direct the air to an opening in the floor that is wider than the car. This wide air path provides better heat and airflow to the entire paint job but also ensures to keep dirt down.

Choosing The Right Automotive Spray Booth


Centerline Spraybooths understands your passion for delivering quality work to your customers, which is why we only distribute paint booths that deliver superior results. USI ITALIA is a worldwide industry leader and a trusted name among the automotive industry. Since the 1970s, USI ITALIA has maintained strong values of dedication, commitment, and passion, taking their brand on an international journey from Italy to North America and South America. Over the course of the last 40 years, USI ITALIA put innovation and research at the center of auto body painting. As technology continues to advance, so does USI ITALIA spray booths. With every paint booth model that is developed, USI ITALIA products are specially designed to cater to all types of working conditions in order to increase productivity while providing long-lasting beautiful results.

CHRONOTECH Automotive Spray Booth

  • Available in three different configurations including Dynamic, Elite, and Supremacy
  • Features Easy Paint System (EPS)
  • DGT Manager control system

MASTER Automotive Spray Booth

  • Ideal for waterborne paints
  • Guarantees maximum performance, reliability, and easy to use
  • Variety of configurations and accessories
  • Clean air technology to reduce harmful emissions and increase productivity

FASTECH Prep Station

  • Safe working station for vehicles can be prepared
  • Manufactured with the same materials as the spray booths
  • Wide range of accessories to choose from that suit your needs

What to Expect

At the time of installation, our very own in-house installation crew will assemble your spray booth. Many other companies will hire subcontractors to deliver and install their paint booths, presenting delayed deliveries, faulty installation, and a slow installation. Centerline specifically uses our own professionally trained crew for installation to ensure your booth is set up correctly, on schedule, and in a timely manner. We understand that your time is valuable, so don’t waste it by searching for low-performance spray booths for sale online — contact Centerline Spraybooths today and schedule a consultation.

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