Take Advantage Of Our Paint Booth Delivery & Installation Services

In our last blog post, our technicians discussed some of the main reasons why every auto body shop should have an automotive paint booth. First of all, paint booths provide a quick and easy application of auto spray paint, saving you time and money as you maximize operations at your auto body shop. Not only that, but car paint jobs are also far more even and professional-looking when a spray paint booth is used, as opposed to other methods of painting cars, trucks, and SUVs. One advantage we didn’t discuss is the quality assurance that is provided when a team of trained and experienced technicians deliver and install your car paint booth for you.

Centerline Spraybooths is the Top Rated Local® paint booth distributor serving auto body shops throughout the Tri-State area, including those New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Our technicians offer auto paint booth deliveries and professional paint booth installations, as well as ongoing paint booth maintenance. In fact, some of the automotive paint booths we’ve installed have lasted over 30 years! Here are the advantages of having a professional deliver, install, and maintain your auto paint booth.

Convenient Delivery

We’ll be the first to admit that automotive paint booths can be a pain to have delivered to your car dealership or auto body shop, especially if you go through a dealer that charges a hefty fee for their delivery services. At Centerline Spraybooths, we factor in the cost of our paint booth deliveries when we provide you with an initial cost estimate, so you know exactly how much you’re paying and for what. Plus, our delivery rates are far cheaper than other dealers in the area charge, partly because we’ve been in the business for more than 25 years and know that delivery costs can be a major hurdle for customers when they’re looking at investing in a paint booth. When you decide on a paint booth for sale from Centerline Spraybooths, we’ll provide a quick, convenient delivery so you can get it up and running as soon as possible.

Proper Installation

Another major advantage of our paint booth delivery services is that we also provide a professional paint booth installation. Our goal is to help maximize production at your dealership or body shop, and this depends on everything being set up correctly from the start. When we deliver your car paint booth, our technicians will set everything up for you, ensuring that all the functions work properly before you get to work. We’ll give you the lowdown on all the controls and capabilities of your new paint booth, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about operating an auto paint booth at your establishment.

Ongoing Maintenance

As previously mentioned, some of the paint booths we’ve delivered and installed in the past have lasted several decades. Like all the other tools and technology used at your auto body shop, paint booths require regular maintenance to stay in good shape and provide high-quality car paint jobs for years to come. Our technicians at Centerline Spraybooths are pleased to offer ongoing paint booth maintenance for our customers in order to ensure that they are getting the most out of their paint booth investment.

Ready to have an automotive paint booth delivered, installed, and maintained by our friendly professionals at Centerline Spraybooths? Contact us to get started!