There are three things that can speed up evaporation: heat, dehumidification, and air movement.

Because automotive paint booths exhaust anywhere from seven to 20,000 cubic feet of air per minute, heating and dehumidifying this air is not a practical or affordable option for many auto body shops in the Tri-State area. Furthermore, speeding up or increasing booth motor size in order to gain marginal increases in linear motion around the car leads to exponentially higher heat and electric costs. The best and most efficient way for body shops to cut dry times is to maximize air movement at the car with a waterborne drying system like the WIND WIZARD.

The evaporation rate is directly related to the rate that the water molecules in the paint transfer into vapors during the automotive spray booth process. Imagine a painted car surrounded by stagnant air; the air right next to the car will become saturated and evaporation will slow to practically nothing. This air needs to be replaced with less humid air in order for auto paint drying to continue. On a given spot, the higher the velocity you can replace the air with repeatedly, the faster the water will evaporate and the faster that spot will dry. The WIND WIZARD waterborne fan produces the fastest linear motion on the market, making it one of the best spray booth blowers today.

Velocity is important at any given point of a car, but for a full paint job, it is also important to consider the volume (CFM) being supplied. The more air (volume) being supplied at these high velocities, the more areas of a paint job you will be able to dry at this same rate. The WIND WIZARD waterborne blower also produces the most volume (CFM) on the market, which is just one of the reasons we distribute and install it at Centerline Spraybooths.

The fully adjustable nozzles of the WIND WIZARD allow for the airflow to hit all spots and dry the whole auto paint job. Systems that are preset will fail to effectively dry the whole paint job and will miss spots wet spots on the car.


  • Increased productivity
  • Shorter dry times
  • Electric and fuel savings


The principles of using the WIND WIZARD spray booth fan in bake are exactly the same as those used to dry a base coat of water. The same way increased air movement over the car allows for energy transfer of water molecules causing evaporation, increased airflow in bake speeds the energy transfer from hot cabin air to the car surface. The technical term for this is called forced convection. In forced convection, the heat transfer rate is directly related to the air velocity over the painted surface of the automobile.


  • Increased productivity
  • Shorter bake times
  • Harder finish of the clear
  • Electric and fuel savings


The WIND WIZARD waterborne fan supplies the largest volume of air at the highest velocity and directs it only in the direction needed by each paint job. This makes the WIND WIZARD spray booth blower the best waterborne drying system on the market.

Interested in installing the WIND WIZARD spray booth fan to the automotive paint booth at your shop? If you’re located in the Tri-State area, there’s no place better to buy this drying system from than Centerline Spraybooths. We sell, install, and service the best automotive paint booths to ensure quality application every time. 

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