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Our Products

Paint Booths

 Explore our cutting-edge paint booths, engineered for optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. 
Our booths offer advanced ventilation, superior lighting, and precise temperature control. Browse through a range of models, each designed to meet specific needs.

Welding Systems

Discover our selection of high-quality welding tools, including MIG welders, spot welders, and plasma cutters. 
Our tools deliver exceptional performance, durability, and ease of use, empowering collision repair professionals to achieve flawless welds with precision and efficiency.

Alignment Machines

Experience our state-of-the-art alignment machines, built to provide accurate and reliable vehicle alignment. 
From advanced 3D systems to computerized laser alignment tools, Centerline Collision Equipment offers cutting-edge solutions to optimize vehicle performance and customer satisfaction.

about Us

Centerline Spraybooths

Our mission is to empower collision repair businesses with innovative tools and equipment, enabling them to deliver exceptional results and exceed customer expectations.

Learn about Centerline Collision Equipment and our commitment to delivering industry-leading collision repair tools and equipment. With decades of experience, we understand the needs of collision repair professionals and strive to provide the highest quality products and services.

Our Customers

Collision Repair Network

Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair shops trust & rely on our products to enhance their repair capabilities. Our high-quality paint booths, welding tools, and alignment machines empower these shops to deliver precise, efficient, and professional collision repairs, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest industry standard

Mobile Repair

We offer a comprehensive range of mobile repair equipment to support efficient and high-quality on-the-go repairs. Our mobile repair equipment includes compact welding tools, and mobile repair machines, ensuring that collision repair professionals have the necessary tools to deliver exceptional results anywhere.

Oem Standards

At Centerline Collision Equipment, we understand the importance of adhering to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards in the collision repair industry. We ensure that our products and services meet or exceed these standards, enabling our clients to deliver repairs that maintain the integrity and safety of vehicles.

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