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Centerline Spraybooths has been the preferred USI ITALIA and Zhongda spray booth installer in New Jersey for more than 25 years. Our technicians stop at nothing to ensure that once they have installed an automotive spray booth, it continues to operate smoothly for decades to come. In fact, some of the auto paint booths we’ve installed have lasted nearly 30 years as a result of our top-quality spray booth maintenance and repair services.

New York

Centerline Spraybooths is the leading automotive spray booth installer serving the Tri-State Area, including many different auto body shops and car detailers throughout New York. Based in Amityville, NY, our auto paint experts are authorized to distribute and install automotive spray booths in New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Rochester, and countless other cities, even if it requires us to drive hours in any direction. It’s all part of our mission to remain the preferred choice for auto paint booth installations and maintenance services in the great state of New York!

New Jersey

At Centerline Spraybooths, we are known for our quality automotive spray booth installations throughout New Jersey and the surrounding Tri-State Area. As the preferred distributor of auto paint booths from industry-leading brands like USI ITALIA, Zhongda, and WIND WIZARD, we are proud to offer our spray booth services to auto body shops in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, and many other NJ cities. Our technicians are the best in the business and take great pride in their auto spray booth installations and repairs — so much so that they are willing to drive hours in any direction to serve auto detailers across the state of New Jersey.


At Centerline Spraybooths, we have a variety of top-quality spray booths for sale from leading industry brands like USI ITALIA and Zhongda, as well as WIND WIZARD waterborne blowers. Not only are these car spray booth systems precise and efficient, but they are also incredibly reliable and, with regular spray booth maintenance, are made to last for decades. That’s why auto body shop owners from all over Connecticut choose us for their automotive spray booth installations and ongoing maintenance. Here are some of the auto paint booth services we offer!


At Centerline Spraybooths, our technicians always stay ahead of the latest advancements in automotive paint booth technology and are equipped to deliver, install, and maintain any of the systems we offer. We are proud distributors of paint booths for sale from top brands, like Zhongda and USI ITALIA, as well as WIND WIZARD waterborne dryers. As industry experts, we stand behind these brands as precise, efficient, reliable, and long-lasting when used properly and given regular maintenance. That being said, here are some of the automotive spray booth services we offer for Pennsylvania body shop owners.

Automotive Spray Booths In New York & New Jersey

If you live in the Tri-State Area and are looking for automotive spray booths for sale, contact us today to learn more, or visit one of our locations listed below in New York or New Jersey!

For us, automotive spray booth installations are more than just a means of painting cars — they are the lifeblood of auto body shops all over the country. As car enthusiasts and auto paint professionals, it is our duty to stay in the know about the latest car painting technology, from high-quality spray booth designs to efficient, waterborne drying systems, like the WIND WIZARD spray booth fan. Without experts like us, auto paint shops simply couldn’t stay afloat in an ever-growing market that is constantly evolving with new spray booth technology.

Auto Paint Booth Installations For The Tri-State Area

Ready to take your automotive spray booth operations to the next level with an industry-leading USI ITALIA or Zhongda spray booth in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or anywhere else on the East Coast? 

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