Common Mistakes Made When Refinishing a Car

The exterior of a car is, in many cases, what initially draws us into the vehicle. The team at Centerline Spraybooths in Amityville totally understands this. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we can’t help but love the way that a clean coat of paint looks on a car. 

With that being said, there are many factors that contribute to the condition of a car’s exterior paint. To start with, the exterior paint will chip, rust, or fade from exposure to the sun over the years. There are also times where a change of paint may simply be due to a change in preference. 

Regardless of why a car has found its way into the shop for a paint refinishing project, you can guarantee the owner is going to want a job well done. In today’s blog, our team is going to talk about a few of the most commonly made mistakes when refinishing a car. Unfortunately, there are quite a few of them, so this is only the beginning of our three-part series. Let’s get started!

#1: Not Cleaning it Off

This is an incredibly important step to having a car refinished. In order for the fresh coat of paint to stick around, the car needs to be completely wiped down and cleaned. Aside from the typical dirt and grime that needs to be washed off, the exterior of the car needs to be washed thoroughly of dirt and wax. Without a thorough cleaning of the car, the chances of a good paint job are highly unlikely. Wax and dirty create a barrier between the paint, making it difficult for the paint to stick. This will lead to chipping or sags in the future.

#2: Using the Wrong Sandpaper

In order to remove the paint that is currently on the vehicle, sandpaper needs to be used. With that in mind, we are not talking about the sandpaper that you get at your typical hardware store. While the sandpaper blocks or the sheets used on wood can be incredibly rough, they are not intended for use on metals. More often than not, using these types of sandpaper on your vehicle will leave it scratched or damaged. 

Aside from that, sandpaper that is intended for cars can also be used incorrectly. Make sure that you’re looking into whether or not the sandpaper that you have is intended to be used wet or dry. This can make a world of difference in the results that you see using the sandpaper on your car.

Stay Tuned for the Next Part

We were only able to cover the first couple of commonly made mistakes when refinishing the exterior paint of a car. There are still countless mistakes made that we want to ensure you don’t make when refinishing a car. With that being said, make sure that you keep an eye out for the next part of our blog series where we continue to cover mistakes made. Until then, feel free to contact the team at Centerline Spraybooths with any questions that you have or to schedule a consultation on a spray booth. We are always more than happy to help.